Where to Find Us

You'll find us at the Camden Avenue Farmer's Market in Salisbury each Tuesday. And on Saturdays we're at the Easton Farmer's Market. Map and details here.

Provident Organic Farm

Jay Martin has over 30 years of organic growing experience. He and his wife Kathy founded Silver Seed Greenhouses in 1985 supplying local farmers with vegetable transplants. The business was certified organic by the Maryland Department of Agriculture in 1991 and over the next 10 years grew to be the largest wholesaler of organic transplants in the Mid Atlantic area, custom growing for small and large scale farmers , CSA’s and market gardeners. They also cultivated a small garden selling their produce in local farmers markets.

In 2001 Jay sold Silver Seed and started a CSA which he named Provident Organic Farm. The CSA grew from 47 members in 2001 to over 250 members in 2010. As the CSA grew Jay enlisted emerging farmers in the area to grow some of the crops for the CSA. These farmers were provided with technical assistance and guaranteed a market for their product thus helping to guarantee their success in their start up years.

In 2010 Jay gave up the CSA in favor of selling in farmers markets and to a few local restaurants. During this time he also taught a class on organic gardening at Salisbury University for the newly created Environmental Studies Department with the hope that some of the students would consider market gardening or farming as a career choice. Many of his students have since worked on farms and a few have gone on to farm on their own.

In 2005 Douglas Gayeton, co-founder or the Lexicon of Sustainability, visited Provident Farm and featured the farm in a short video aired on PBS and in the Lexicon’s pop up show. The term Douglas used to describe Provident is “face certification”. Jay rejected organic certification by the USDA in favor of face certification where the customer and the grower directly interact creating a relationship of faith and trust rather than relying on unnecessary third party involvement.

Jay also serves as a curator for the Lexicon of Sustainability Pop Up Show, a visual educational tool designed to help people make more informed decisions concerning their food purchases. 

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